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Welcome to the web site where I’ll be sharing my passion for the hand-made art and tactical knives.

It all started several years ago when my father introduced me to the Swedish knife maker at Paris knife show. Those were very unique in design, materials and craftsmanship fixed blade knives. Through the years my taste and interest evolved into something bigger. I became more interested in custom made art folders and hand made tactiacal knives. Nevertheless, I still appreciate fine custom fixed blade knives both by European and US knife makers. I am grateful to all of my Scandinavian friends for the opportunity to be involved into unique world of art knives. You, guys, started it all!

I do my best to attend art knife shows around the world. I enjoy every moment being at the show, learning from makers, collectors and knife purveyors. If I am lucky enough I bring a knife or two back home.

Some of them you will be seeing on this site available for sale. I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do…

Thanks for stopping by!

Anton Poseshchennyy